Deep Learning Through Documentary Film Making

For the 2009 National Geographic Think Again Documentary Film Making Competition, students were required to explore the concept of ‘love’ and ultimately ask their viewers to reconsider what ‘love’ means to different people. This presented a number of challenges for my students cognitively, technically, logistically, spiritually, and emotionally. At the end of the creative process, […]

Deep Learning Through Documentary Film Making2010-03-15T18:37:31+08:00

The Art of Photojournalism

Does working with a group of 20 young creative types, who don’t know one another, are from different cultures, have limited audio/video production experience, and 3 days to create a cinematic presentation sound challenging (or just plain crazy) to you? The annual SEASAC ARTS festival spans three days, bringing together the ‘creme de la creme’ […]

The Art of Photojournalism2009-12-19T19:51:52+08:00

(U)Streaming Live Events

Have you heard of USTREAM?. I was asked to investigate a streaming solution for a major event and after careful consideration decided to use USTREAM. In this article I offer some considerations for those who want to move beyond simple streaming from a web-cam to the streaming of a major event where picture and audio […]

(U)Streaming Live Events2009-10-10T11:04:23+08:00

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