The Maldives in Style – Part 2

The memory of this dive adventure still lingers and a return trip is definitely on the cards. Undoubtedly, the best way to experience this spectacular part of our world is from the water and the MV Sachika definitely lived up to the marketing. The crew went out of their way to ensure that your holiday […]

The Maldives in Style – Part 22010-09-04T12:23:04+08:00

The Maldives in Style – Part 1

Yovanka and I have longed for several years to dive the crystal clear waters of Maldives and as they say ‘good things come to those who are patient’.  We will be spending the 2010 Chinese Lunar New Year exploring the northern and southern atolls on board the MV Sachika. The MV Sachika typifies a new […]

The Maldives in Style – Part 12009-10-11T15:33:25+08:00

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