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What is This tool was recently introduced to me by a colleague and is best thought of as a mashup of real-time collaboration found in GoogleDocs, the pinning power of Pinterest with Prezi’s ease-of-use.  After an initial tour of sample murals, I realised it would fit naturally into a formative assessment task I was […]

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Musings for December 2013

Moodle 2.6 I’ve been testing this release in our sandbox environment are are impressed so far with the improvements to the graphical user interface (less is more), ability to annotate PDF file submissions, new single activity course format and tweaked administrative tools for quick course creation and management. DoubleDayz Our first edtech professional development for […]

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Drop Everything and Design!

Over the last two weeks I worked with Grade 7 and 8 students introducing them to Design Thinking. With all of their regular timetabled subjects suspended for the day, we were able to focus on essential concepts and skills they will need to develop prior to the commencement of a major design project. This is […]

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