Digital Issues by Digital Natives

Like many contemporary educators, I am constantly looking beyond the walls of the school to provide ‘real world’ opportunities for students to attain 21st century skills. While gazing at samples of student work on the walls of the Media Centre at CDNIS, I knew that the bar needed to be raised further. With such talented […]

Digital Issues by Digital Natives2010-03-17T23:53:06+08:00

Deep Learning Through Documentary Film Making

For the 2009 National Geographic Think Again Documentary Film Making Competition, students were required to explore the concept of ‘love’ and ultimately ask their viewers to reconsider what ‘love’ means to different people. This presented a number of challenges for my students cognitively, technically, logistically, spiritually, and emotionally. At the end of the creative process, […]

Deep Learning Through Documentary Film Making2010-03-15T18:37:31+08:00

My Former ‘CommTech’ Students

I have been meaning to ‘reclaim’ this domain for my own professional sharing and have finally found the time to make a start. If you’re a former CommTech student of mine from the Canadian International School of Hong Kong, the Moodle course you are looking for has been migrated to Your accounts are still […]

My Former ‘CommTech’ Students2009-10-01T18:47:31+08:00

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