Taking Mobile Learning to the Next Level

At the 2012 Apple Professional Developer institute I had a chance to discover just how quick and easy it is to author an interactive learning resource for the iPad using iBook Author. Working closely with fellow APDs Sheldon Bradshaw and David Larson, we designed a mini-workshop on iBook Author that can be used to introduce […]

Taking Mobile Learning to the Next Level2012-06-18T16:10:39+08:00

Why Apple?

“What’s the educational value of 1-to-1 computing for teaching and learning and why Apple?” In my role I am often asked this question. My response is that technology is just a medium through which learning can be enriched. More crucially, it is continuous professional development and the communities of practice that one participates in that […]

Why Apple?2010-05-09T10:37:15+08:00

MLC – Transforming Learning

The MLC school in Sydney has arguably one of the longest 1-to-1 computing initiatives in the world. Whilst attending the 21st Century Learning Conference in Hong Kong, I met Westley Field their Director of Online Learning and was immediately impressed by the vision he shared of technology infused learning. I was fortunate enough to visit […]

MLC – Transforming Learning2009-12-19T17:40:54+08:00

Conversations on MacBook Integration

As part of our own research into effective integration of technology, our LTT team was fortunate enough to travel to the San Francisco and Seattle districts and speak with key people about their experience. My colleague John D’Arcy poses some top questions to Sue and I shot the footage on a Panasonic 3CCD camera with […]

Conversations on MacBook Integration2009-10-20T16:56:58+08:00

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