Moodle 2.6

I’ve been testing this release in our sandbox environment are are impressed so far with the improvements to the graphical user interface (less is more), ability to annotate PDF file submissions, new single activity course format and tweaked administrative tools for quick course creation and management.


Our first edtech professional development for the year focused on gauging and raising awareness of the CDNIS Digital Learning Infusion plan as well as exploring the use of the SAMR model for better digital task design. Feedback from the session was generally positive with a large majority of teachers recognising the value that the SAMR model provides in terms of how available technologies can be harnessed to do ‘new things in new ways’.

Visually Speaking

The second iteration of our MYP Year 4 IDU between Design and Language A English concluded with many students producing sophisticated graphic interpretations of ‘The Cellist of Sarajevo’. This was the first time for many students to experience the use of a graphics tablet and Adobe Illustrator.

Waste Not, Want Not

Our MYP Year 3 IDU between Design and Mathematics was the first of it’s kind and well received by both teachers and students. Students design digital and physical packages for annual gifts distributed to the staff by the Senior Administration.