Where’s the best place to showcase your imagery? I’ve been wrestling with this question since Apple discontinued photo sharing via MobileMe in which I invested considerable time.

Sure, there are the usual suspects like Flickr, SmugMug and Instagram (which I use often and have doubts about the future due to recent FB acquisition) however I’m looking for something that;

a) is less mainstream
b) has a slick interface
c) provides solid analytics
d) can be embedded into a blog
e) gives me the option to pull down my shots should the service fold.

So on ‘black friday’ this year I stopped deliberating and stumped up the dollars for an ‘Awesome’ account on 500px. I figure I’ll give this service a year and review it from there.

Since my photo management tool of choice is Aperture, I also brought and installed installed the 500-wide Plugin recommend by Joseph at ApertureExpert.com. He recommends this plug-in for the simple fact that it only lets you upload one image at a time, thereby forcing you to beg the question; “does this frame truly capture the moment and demonstrate the art of photography?”

So in addition to my IFTTT powered Instagram posts, stay tuned for some of my special moments ported from 500px to this space.

Where are you sharing your imagery? Do you have any recommended workflows?

Always learning…