The memory of this dive adventure still lingers and a return trip is definitely on the cards. Undoubtedly, the best way to experience this spectacular part of our world is from the water and the MV Sachika definitely lived up to the marketing.

The crew went out of their way to ensure that your holiday whims were catered to with grace and a smile. Sachika is has everything you could possibly need on the open ocean with a focus on sport diving. Meals are simply amazing.  Fresh fish is caught the night before from the boat and served in a myriad of styles, authentic Italian pasta has a prominent place as do local delicacies.

Diving is done from the comfort of a ‘Doni’ which follows Sachika every move and is specifically designed for the many world class dive sites. Although we did not get a kodak moment with the elusive whale shark, the marine life was stunning and strong seasonal currents made for adrenaline pumping deep dives. “Negative Entries” are the norm to get down fast before the current takes you away from the ‘thilla’.

Take a look and some of my shots from land and sea…